The 4 Best Controllers For Ableton In Your Home Studio

ableton controller

To cut to the chase, our favorite is the M-Audio Keystation 88 MK3 MIDI Controller. It offers premium sound and performance at an accessible price.  There’s no doubt that Ableton Live is one of the most popular software for digital audio workstations. It’s an important tool for electric and hip hop music production. With this …


Alesis SR-16 Portable Electronic Drum Machine Review

Alesis Sr 16

Founded in 1980, Alesis built a reputation for its cutting-edge technology and award-winning designs that revolutionized the music industry. Entry-level musicians could access professional studio-quality sounds, and professional musicians gained mobility thanks to portable devices. The company boasts that the Alesis SR-16 is one of the most popular drum machines of all time. Alesis lists …


How to Pan Drums

Music Band During Cd Recording In Studio

Drum kits include a variety of drums and cymbals that create a wide, open sound. Unfortunately, I’ve found that it’s not always easy to capture the live sound of drums. So, how do you create stereo sound in a mix? This is where drum panning comes in. Learning how to pan drums in a mix …


The Best Jazz Drum Sets in 2021

Jazz Drum Set

Being a custodian of our musical culture, you deserve the best equipment. There’s a variety of good jazz drum sets, but the best recommended is the Pearl Roadshow 4-Piece Drum Set, Bronze Metallic. Its spectacular craftsmanship, in combination with its price, makes it the top choice for the best jazz drum kit. Art Blakely, a …


Best Drum Heads for Playing Heavy Metal in 2021

Drum Heads For Heavy Metal

The best drum head for playing heavy metal is the Aquarian Performance II Drumheads. It’s a set of excellent and convenient drum heads that should suit most peoples’ sound. Heavy metal isn’t for everyone, and some heavy metal bands like Black Sabbath, the founding fathers of the genre, didn’t even like the term at first. But there’s …


The Best Cajon Drum Boxes For The Money

Cajon Drum

The best Cajon box is the A Tempo Percussion Peruvian Classic. Simple, and great for beginners, but not bad for pros either. The Cajon, a stunning instrument, has been taking the world by storm since its inclusion in modern-day folk and Latin music. It’s an interesting, compact, and portable alternative to the drum set, and …


The Best Electronic Drum Pads in 2021

Electronic Drum Pad

So you’re a lover of percussion music. You might already have an acoustic set, and you’re looking to go electronic. Maybe you’re just starting with an computerized drum pad before switching later on to a full-blown drum kit, and you’re very eager to learn how to play. Here we review the best electronic drum pads …


Best Overhead Microphones To Record Your Drum Sessions

Drum Set With Microphone

If you are in a hurry, the best overhead mic for drums is the Neewer. You get two in one, with three polar pickup patterns for a variety of performance and studio needs. Even so, all of these drum mics are sleek and perform well. They’ll be sure to get you attention for your excellent …


The Best Electronic Drum Headphones in 2021

Woman Playing Electronic Drums

What if you could play the drums with nobody hearing you? Electronic drums are the answer. You can’t plug headphones into an acoustic set, but you can whack them into an electronic one. Still, you shouldn’t just whip out any headphones to accompany your play — they need to be the best. The best headphones …


The best amp for electronic drums in 2021

Music Amplifier Control Panel

Let’s answer your main question — what’s the best amp for electronic drums? It’s the Roland Drum Monitor (PM-200). It ticks all the right boxes for every drummer since it has 180 watts of power and features a 12-inch speaker while being robust. Now the best of the best is out of the way, the …