6 Best Guitar Preamp Pedals to Check Out in 2021

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If you just want the top product, the best guitar preamp pedal is the JHS Clover Preamp. Are you aware of the value a preamp pedal can bring? While you don’t need one to play, preamp pedals can warm your sound, make it more authentic and make changes to your sound without altering your amp’s …


7 Best Bass Chorus Pedals in 2021

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Those who are in a hurry and would like to know what the best chorus pedal is for bass, our recommendation is the Dunlop MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe as the overall best option. Those who are new to bass effects pedals should read on for our recommendations in a variety of categories. Bass players …


28 Types of Guitar Pedals To Create Your Unique Sound

Types Of Guitar Pedals

When your favorite artist hits those first notes, you recognize them immediately. The reason for this is that a guitarist’s pedals — and those initial tones — add as much to an artist’s personality as the way they play. Here, we’ll explore the different types of guitar pedals and what makes each one unique. Tuner …


Preamp Vs Amp: What’s The Difference?

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Whether you’re a pro or just getting started with sound systems, it’s tough to know if you need a preamp or not. It sounds like a crucial piece of equipment, but if you can’t invest in both, which one should you get? When you’re considering a preamp vs amp, you need to know what each …


10 Best Preamp Pedals for Bass in 2021


Bass preamps are an integral cog of any bass guitarists’ arsenal; they help modify imputed sounds with remarkable precision while creating an elaborate repertoire of outputs to contend with. As this is such an essential tool for musicians today, we’ve compiled a healthy list of 10 best bass preamp pedals. If you’re looking for the …


Best Overdrive Pedals for Bass in 2021

Best Overdrive Pedals for Bass

An overdrive effect is a result of pushing the gain in a tube amplifier beyond a normal level, which creates a warm, saturated, and muscular signal that’s both mellow and punchy. The best bass overdrive pedal, aka bass tube pedal, makes it easier to produce the same effect without a tube amp. If you’re in …


7 Best Distortion Pedals for Bass in 2021

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A great distortion pedal for bass will help you accentuate the genre you’re operating in; this means that different pedals work well with varying music styles and musicians. To help you narrow down on the ideal pedal for your needs, we present a list of seven unique distortion pedals for your benefit. If you’re looking …


5 Best Equalizer Pedals for Bass Guitar in 2021

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Equalizer pedals for bass are handy tools that help a musician fine-tune their music to their requirements. These are vital in helping you shape your tone, and although they aren’t as popular as effect pedals, they still form a crucial part of any musicians’ arsenal. For these reasons, we’ve created a list of five stellar …


9 Best Synthesizer Pedals for Guitar


When trying to find an excellent pedal to give your guitar performances that spicy effect, it isn’t an easy task. The reality is, it’s rare to see some of the greatest synthesizers on the mainstream market, and they sometimes aren’t available at all. Finding that perfect synth is very challenging. Some people even opt to …


7 Best Compression Pedals For Bass in 2021

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If you’re in a hurry, the best bass compressor pedal is the Wampler Mini Ego Compressor. It’s tough, versatile and professional-level and doesn’t take up too much space on your pedalboard. For beginners and those on a serious budget, the JOYO JF-10 Dynamic Compressor has great versatility and an unbeatable price. While you can use …