Do Violins and Cellos Have Frets?

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Most people know that guitars and several other string instruments have frets, but do violins and cellos have frets? Frets are the thin metal strips found on the neck of the guitar.  As a guitarist, I know that frets help me determine where to place my fingers to play specific chords. So, I wanted to …


The Best Cello Bows and Their Makers In 2021

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The best cello bow is The Piano Guys Carbon Fiber Cello Bow. It’s a stable, long-lasting bow with quality to match its lifespan. A cellist’s bow is as important as the instrument itself. A first-rate cello loses some of the quality if the tools aren’t up to scratch. Not only should the best cello bow …


The Best Cello Models and Brands You Can Find on The Market in 2021

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If you fancy skipping the cello reviews, we’ve found that the best cello available is the Yamaha SVC-110SK. Yamaha is a well-known and reliable brand, so your instrument will be top-botch. A brilliant cellist needs an instrument to match their brilliance. It needs to be elegant, reliable, and have all the right features needed to …


The Best Cello Case Models and Brands in 2021

Musician With Travel Cello Or Guitar Case.

The best cello case is the Crossrock 4/4 Cello Case. It’s practical and sturdy and will provide you with all the support and protection you need for both your instrument and accessories. Your instrument is an extension of who you are. So, like you’d armor-up when heading off to battle, you need to do the same …