Mandolin vs Guitar: Differences and Similarities

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We all know what a guitar is, whether you are talking about an electric guitar or a traditional acoustic, we all have a fairly clear notion of the 6-stringed instrument that is literally heard in all genres of popular music. From country and folk to blues, hard rock and metal, the fact is that it …


Mandolin vs. Banjo: What’s the Difference?

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The mandolin and the banjo are very similar instruments, both in sound and appearance. These similarities persist throughout the numerous variations available in today’s world of music. So, what exactly are the differences that make it easy to distinguish the mandolin from the banjo?  What Makes a Mandolin?  The mandolin is a historical instrument that …


The Best Mandolin Under 1000 Dollars To Start Your Journey in 2021

Traditional Mandolin

The best mandolin under 1000 dollars is the Seagull S8 Mandolin. It’s the strongest of the group, within budget and well worth the money. Mandolin music adds flavor and flair to any piece. But there are so many different types, brands, quality levels and more that picking one becomes impossible. There’s also your budget to …


The Best Mandolin Models and Brands in 2021

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If you’re looking for the best mandolin on the market, it’s currently the Hola! Music A-Style Mandolin HM-3TS. This model packs style and quality side-by-side. It’s an eight-string with a glossy sunburst finish and also has a white ABS binding around the body, giving it a beautiful appearance. The other mandolins also excel in various attributes. …