6 Best Electric Violins in 2022

Electric Violin

The best electric violin is the Bunnel Edge Electric Violin. It’s stunning and comes with a wide array of the tools you need to start your violin journey. If you’re ready to move on from or add to your classic playing, or you’re a beginner who wants to get electrified upfront, get ready. The market …


The Best Violin for Beginners in 2022

beginner violin at use

Purchasing a decent beginner violin is a significant investment. Although a beginner violinist does not note the distinctions right away, there are violins of all sizes, makes, and quality. To ensure that you choose one that meets your priorities, you’ll want to spend some time preparing for your quest. We’ve put together a detailed list …


The Best Violin Tuner in 2022

Violin Tuner

If you need to know a very short summary of this article, we recommend the Snark SN-5 Tuner. This tuner is pretty solid, had rave reviews from users, and is a good choice for beginners and advanced players. Since tuning an instrument is part of every musician’s daily routine, we know how important it is to have a product …


Viola vs Violin: 4 Key Differences

viola vs violin

Violins and violas look almost identical. Since I’ve considered taking music lessons on one of these instruments, I’ve always wondered about the differences between a viola versus violin. If you’re wondering, too, it turns out there are quite a few differences between the two instruments. Knowing and understanding them will help broaden your understanding of …


Violin Care and Maintenance Guide

violin being polished

Violin maintenance plays a significant role in your instrument’s beauty and sound quality. Proper care is a crucial part of your experience with the violin and will help strengthen your bond with your instrument.  After all, the violin is a delicate piece of artisan craftsmanship, one that should be a joy to play. With that …


How to Rehair a Violin Bow

rehairing a violin bow

The violin is a handcrafted instrument that, if cared for properly, can produce lovely music. However, while getting your violin bow rehaired at a shop is easy, it can be expensive! Instead, if you follow the steps we provided in this article, you’ll both learn how to rehair a violin bow and save a bit …


Do Violins and Cellos Have Frets?

Playing Viola

Most people know that guitars and several other string instruments have frets, but do violins and cellos have frets? Frets are the thin metal strips found on the neck of the guitar.  As a guitarist, I know that frets help me determine where to place my fingers to play specific chords. So, I wanted to …


The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Size Violin

Violin Sizes

Whether you are an experienced musician or just starting out, having the right size violin is essential to hit the right notes as the resonant frequency of the body depends on the size of the instrument.  In simpler words, the violin size affects the quality of the sound created. It is also a matter of …


5 Best Violin Strings in 2022

Violin Strings

Strings are arguably the most integral component of the violin. Based on the length and tension of the strings, the quality of the sound produced by the violin will vary. Sadly, finding the optimal strings for your violin isn’t an easy feat, as violins react differently to different types of strings. The same set of …


Best Violin Shoulder Rest

Violin Shoulder Rest

Violin training is no easy task. It needs focus, coordination, and dexterity, all of which require mental and physical strength. A violin shoulder rest is one tool that can help your training and performance be more comfortable and convenient. It’s certainly one easy way to avoid having a stiff neck afterward. However, one thing that …